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Steroids and Baseball

Being I live around the Boston area and am a baseball fan, I of course heard about the recent David Ortiz press conference. He never knowingly took or tried to get steroids. He did though say that he was careless in taking vitamins and over the counter supplements. So what the heck is that supposed to mean?

How do you think this would go over if I was trying to say I was a drug addict?

Well, you see I never took or asked for mind altering drugs. I was a little careless with the cough syrup though, and I probably should not have been drinking whole bottles of it so I could get a buzz.

Technically it is not illegal to drink bottles of cough syrup. So that would mean I am not abusing drugs? I don’t think so.

HGH supplements are hawked all over the place but that does not make it right to take them. I am so tired of so many lame excuses by so many public people. I used to run around lying to people when I was a kid, and I am sure most people saw through most of my crap. Later on, I grew up.

Congress men and their infidelities, sports folks with their drug abuse (yes steroids are a drug problem, plain and simple), business men with their bullshit, and on and on.

Why couldn’t Ortiz say that he was trying to gain and advantage, like everyone else was.