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Baseball Playoffs

The baseball playoff season is upon us. I like the sport, like to watch it, and am a Yankee fan. I have been paying attention to baseball all my life so I guess that makes me an all American guy.

I was glad to see the Red Sox lose their third game of their series today. The only other thing better than the Yankee’s winning is of course Boston losing. Now if NY can win they will face the Angels. It should be fun. What will really be interesting is if the Yank’s can make it all the way to the world series and the Dodgers are their opponent. Torre and LA against the Bronx Bombers. A lot of baseball to play before that might happen but it is no longer just a remote possibility.

Torre coaching against Girardi could lead to an intriguing series. The teacher, Torre, facing his student, Joe Girardi. I say bring it on but we have to see how things play out up to the World Series.

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